Silk is a PowerShell module for authoring, building, and publishing PowerShell modules and creating a website from a module's help topics.


Silk is a PowerShell module for PowerShell module authors. Use it to:

If you look in Silk's Examples directory, you'll see three scripts that demonstrate its capabilities:

Versioning and Building

To get started, create a build.ps1 file in the root of your repository. In your build.ps1 file, import Silk. Use Silk's Set-ModuleVersion function to set your module's version and compile any code.

Set-ModuleVersion -ManifestPath "PATH TO MODULE'S *.psd1 FILE" `
                  -Version "VERSION TO BUILD" `
                  -ReleaseNotesPath 'PATH TO RELEASE NOTES FILE' 

Set-ModuleVersion will also set the version in a .nuspec file (for creating Chocolatey and NuGet packages) and an AssemblyInfo.cs file (for versioning your module's assembly.

Set-ModuleVersion will build a Visual Studio solution if you pass its path via the SolutionPath parameter.

Silk expects your release notes files to be written in Markdown. It expects each level-1 header (marked with a single # at the beginning of a line) to be a version number, and everything after that header to the next level-1 header (or the end of the file) to be the release notes for that version. When Set-ModuleVersion sets the version in a release notes file, it only sets the first level-1 header it finds.

See the included with the Silk module for an example.

Packaging and Preparing to Release

Silk can do the following actions to prepare your module for a release:

Publishing/Releasing a Module

Silk has the following functions you can use to publish/release your module:

Creating a Website from a Module's Help Topics

Silk has the following functions for generating a website from a module's help topics. Silk assumes your help is written in Markdown.

Silk will auto-link to commands inside your module. Surround your module's command names, script names, and about topics in backticks, and Silk will convert it to a link to that item's help topic. For example, about_Silk will get converted to <a href="about_Silk.html">about_Silk</a>.