Converts a module's help into HTML.


Convert-ModuleHelpToHtml [-ModuleName] <String> [[-Script] <String[]>] [[-HeadingMap] <Hashtable>] [-SkipCommandHelp] [<CommonParameters>]


The Convert-ModuleHelpToHtml function converts a module's help into HTML. It returns an object for each command and about help topic in the module. The object


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
ModuleName String

The name of the module whose help to convert.

true false
Script String[]

Any scripts included in the module whose help should get generated. Scripts are assumed to be in the root of the module.

false false
HeadingMap Hashtable

A hashtable of headings to use. They key should be the section name. The value should be the heading name. Only used when converting about help topics to HTML.

false false
SkipCommandHelp SwitchParameter

Don't generate help for individual commands.

false false False